The last time I messed with a theme, I lost some entries.
Yet here we are, with another new look.
This look is a special look, though, for several reasons:
The site is now generated with Middleman, a Ruby powered app.
Previously the site has been powered by Pelican (powered by the Python programming language) and by Jekyll (powered by Ruby).

I went with Middleman because Ruby AND because to get the site to do all the things that Middleman didn't do out of the box or with extensions/plugins, I had to put my new-found ruby knowledge to use.

The site design itself is built around the "Striped" template from HTML5 UP. The template is nothing more than a single HTML index page, some CSS and javascript files. Out of the box, it displays nothing more than what you see in the screenshot. There was no code for an individial blog entry page, the 'links' to other pages went nowhere...
I had to break it down in to smaller pieces, figure out what parts could be used on every page, and where I needed to add the code from Middleman to make it a full blown blog template.

It's kinda ugly behind the scenes, but as I learn more Ruby and more about Middleman's inner workings, I'll clean it up and I plan to eventually put it up on github to share with other geeks.