Warning: Very Geeky Post Ahead.
Skip to the too long, didn't read (aka, "tl;dr") if your eyes glaze over when geek-speak appears on the page.
When I rebooted this blog back in August, I'd said that part of the reason I did so was "...an effort to better my geek skills" and learn a programming language.
As with most of my attempts at learning any programming language, it has been in fits and starts -- I'd sit down, find a tutorial, get frustrated or bored and the plan would go on the backburner, until I the desire and motivation returned to try again.
Rinse. Repeat.
A few weeks ago, I discovered Code Academy (and by "discovered" I mean, "I've known for quite some time that it existed, but I finally bothered to check it out").
I have been flip-flopping between Python and Ruby and admittedly that was probably a part of my problem with my sticktuitiveness (did you know that word has been around since 1909? I didn't either!), so I decided to start both curriculum and see what happens.

I'm trying to dedicate the same amount of time and days to both the Ruby and the Python courses, but on a subconcious level, I seem to be focusing more on Ruby, so I think I'll continue with that focus and return to python later.

Code Academy's approach to the lessons seems to be a good fit for my learning preferences -- practical lessons with 'real world' application of the lesson topic (an unrelated aside: my fingers keep wanting to type "lesion" instead of "lesson". What's that about??).
They also have a great support channel made up of fellow learners and ruby gurus (well, they're more guru than I am at this point). When I get stuck or doubt my approach to a lesson, I can check the Q&A forum and a) learn something or 2) see that I was on the right -- but maybe different -- path to the solution.


Bottom line is that I'm finally having fun learning a new uber-geeky thing and that's not happened since 2000, when I taught myself PHP and MySQL (oops! a little geek speak slipped past the editor) oh so many years ago because I wanted to learn how to create my own blogging platform.