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Published on June 29th, 2017

So much for more frequent blog posts. I could go on and on with reasons, aside from lack of motivation, for not making more updates, but I’m not gonna. Nyeah.

You’ve probably noticed the site looks different. Again. Yeah, I’ve been a busy little beaver and the latest look is part of “eating my own cooking”.

I’ve converted several HTML templates (several from HTML5 Up) to themes/templates that can be used with various static site generators (both Ruby and Python powered):

The current look for the site is based on the 2 column layout of “Halcyonic”, by HTML5 Up. I’ve only converted it for use with Pelican thus far, but that’ll likely change.

I did a proper conversion (i.e., from the ground up, not modifying another work for a different tool, like I’d done early on in my code-monkeying) of StartBootstrap’s Agency theme to Middleman AND Pelican.

One thing that seems to be unique to my blog templates (at least I haven’t seen it in other templates …and I’ve gone through a lot of them) is that the dates are English Ordinal (for the link-lazy: instead of the date appearing as “June 29, 2017” it’s “June 29th, 2017”).

To a more experienced coder, that is probably not a big deal to accomplish such a thing. To me, it’s “Hell, if I can do that, let’s see what else can I do. ONWARD!

In Keratoconus news, I lost my left contact (the bad eye) and am now dealing with the *cough* stellar *cough* front desk staff to get a replacement. Once it’s over with, I’ll put a new entry in the Keratoconus Chronicles.

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