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The one where things went pretty okay

Published on November 12th, 2015

Sorry for not updating lately. Life has been busy and fun stuff, interrupted. Since “One Two Five Four”, I’ve had two appointments at the clinic – both to test the fit and acuity of the lenses. The lenses I got at the “One Two Five Four” appointment were so very close – it still had a fluid bubble in the left eye that would adversely affect the desired outcome Doc Oc wanted for the eye and the right eye – but fit too tight. Way. Too. Tight.

The lens was a) harder than fuck to get off my eye because it fit so tightly and 2) because of said tight fit, the fluid couldn’t get between the cornea and lens to do what it was supposed to do and made the vision less than the 20/20 I had tested at previously. Third time’s a charm right? That’s what Doc Oc was hoping, so he ordered new fittings and slightly different prescriptions for each eye. Tuesday, we went in to pick them up.

Fuck yes. Third time is a charm, bitches. Good fit on the right eye AND 20/20 vision! The left eye, Doc Oc is very pleased with the fit and the TWENTY SIXTY vision. He says that as the eye adjusts, it could even increase to 20/50! Needless to say, if 20/60 is the best outcome we can achieve, I am 150% on board with that. I’ll be returning in about 2 weeks for a follow up, to see how things have settled in. Most likely there won’t be any need for another set of lenses. Doc says this is probably it.

I’m wearing the lenses now, as I write this post and it’s a bit disorienting, to say the least, as I’m still getting used to the new level of depth perception – hell, the fact that the I’m able to see anything at all makes for strange days. My S.O. is pleased that both eyes now focus on her when we talk, instead of my left eye gradually drifting to the left (my brain had decided long ago, it wasn’t useful for anything other than taking up space in the eye socket; I wasn’t even aware that it was doing the drift thing until she’d pointed it out to me a while back). The difficult part for me now is going to be getting back in to the habit of putting the lenses in and not putting on my glasses by default.

Oh, yeah, why Johnny Nash? Well…

This is one of a series of blog posts about my ongoing Keratoconus treatments. You can find all the posts at The Keratoconus Chronicles page

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