Looking Forward

The one where I realize how bad my glasses prescription really is

Published on January 7th, 2016

It’s been a few weeks now since I got the final set of lenses. I try to wear them every day, but that’s a hard habit to get back in to; grabbing my glasses off the nightstand and putting them on is easier to do than showering, taking lenses out of the cleaning case and depositing them on each eyeball.

Though when I don’t do that and try to work/play with my glasses on, it is very apparent just how bad my vision is without the lenses in.
Shit is fu-zzy.

I have one more follow up appointment with Doc Oc, to give a final report on how my vision is doing. Mostly good news, but one thing that kinda bothers me is that some days I can wear the lenses for 6-8 hours at time, other days sometimes three hours and my eyeballs scream to have the lenses taken out. Haven’t been able to find anything that is common on those shorter days, really. Tired eyes? The KC just doing what it does? Maybe Doc will know or have a plan of action to determine what the reason is for the variation in the amount of time I can wear them.

On a side note, I’ve noticed that most of my posts have been about my Keratoconus Adventure. Maybe I should have called the blog “See, Not See.”

This is one of a series of blog posts about my ongoing Keratoconus treatments. You can find all the posts at The Keratoconus Chronicles page.

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