Making Preparations

The one where I'm getting ready to git er done

Published on March 19th, 2018

In December, I had a meeting with an eye surgeon in Scottsdale. I didn't blog about the meeting itself (sorry, mah bad) but I did mention it was going to happen!

The decision was made that I want to move forward and get a corneal transplant.

Tomorrow is a big day.

No, it's not the surgery -- that's a bigger day.

It is, however, the appointment where the surgeon and I decide on a date, discuss what will happen -- what could happen -- post-surgery, after care, when I can return to work and other "get my life back to better than what's been normal" topics.

Stay tuned for a post-meeting update! (I promise I will update!)

This is one of a series of blog posts about my ongoing Keratoconus treatments. You can find all the posts at The Keratoconus Chronicles page.

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