Missing In Action

The one where life keeps me from posting any updates

Published on May 13th, 2016

I’m not Missing In Action. I’m here. Life has just been a bit chaotic lately and updating the blarg has not been a priority while life gets taken care of properly.

There’s been little change in the Keratoconus Chronicles as I’ve now decided to call them:

  • Things are good. I’m finally back in practice of getting up, putting the contacts in as part of the morning routine. Still waiting on one –hopefully last– fitting for the right eye: it fits, but is still a wee bit too tight to do any good beyond making me be able to see (it also needs to be able to stop/slow down the KC that’s developing in that eye). The left eye, things are most excellent
  • I’m driving regularly now and the girlfriend is finally starting to relax when I’m behind the wheel – one could say I’m a bit of an agressive driver.

Oh! There is news on the job front!

My (and ~20-30 other employees) position is being eliminated.

Recently, there have been challenges in the Customer Service Department that have made it more difficult. From a practical standpoint, I’m sure everyone here has been on a shift where the VPN’s fail, and all employees connections to the tools they must have to do their jobs stop working until those VPN’s can be corrected. From a cultural standpoint, it has become more and more challenging to give remote customer service employees the same connection to the vibrant and exciting changes happening in our Austin office. Due to these and other factors,we have made the decision to start phasing out remote support for the $Company Customer Service Department and are targeting June 1st for the transition.

My personal opinion, based on past similar experience and events happening at the $Company, is that the last sentence is more of the truth than the paragraph before it.

I have a game plan and this is not a crisis situation. It’s a bummer, for sure, but not the end of the world.

More after the last day has come and gone.

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