The one where I realize that I have little to no coordination

Published on August 24th, 2015

I’ve always been fascinated by quadrotors (sometimes known by their other names –quadcopters or drones) – the technology behind them, the availability of them to the common man, let alone the fact that they looked just damn fun to operate.

Well, one $50 gift card and some extra cash later (moar batteries!), I am the proud owner of one such quadrotor. I burned through two batteries yesterday, just having fun and learning that steering and controlling one of those little buzzards is harder than it looks! The ability to have the left hand operate independently of the right hand in order to control the quad apparently does not come naturally to all of us. I am sure going to have fun refining that skill, though!

The quad has a built in camera/video but in my excitement and focused attention on learning the controls, I never once turned it on.

My girlfriend saved the day and took a photo of El Capitan’s maiden flight.


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