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The one where I only partially re-invent the wheel

Published on August 31st, 2015

In an effort to better my geek skills, I am learning more of the Python programming language. Not only is it for SCIENCE!, but also for more science and used in the creation of websites, much like mine ( created with Python and Pelican. I have another site –a portfolio – that is made with Ruby and Jekyll. I used Jekyll because the tool fit the job.

To keep me focused on the learning of MOAR Python, I decided to re-do that site with Pelican as well, so I wouldn’t find myself bouncing around trying to learn differen– OH SHINY! The problem I was running in to was that none of the well known Pelican themes did portfolios very well, if at all; simple galleries is about it and I needed more. A few minutes of google searchings and I found a version of a Jekyll theme (in itself a conversion someone ported to Pelican.

An evening of CSS wrangling and template tom-foolery and I have what for me is pretty damn close.

This (for Pelican):


Looks like this (for Jekyll):


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