The Fine Print

The one where the little things are out of sight but not dynomite

Published on February 17th, 2016

It’s been several weeks now, since I got my last pair of contacts and I must say, it is GLORIOUS to be able to literally read the writing on the wall. The last few weeks had been leading up to what was supposed to be my final check-in with Doc Oc. During that time, however, it became apparent that the lenses still were not “the perfect fit” – some days I can wear the contacts for 8 to 10 hours without any problems, other days, two, maybe three hours in and it is like living in the 7th circle of “Get these infernal disks of torture out of my eyes”. By 3 or 4 weeks my eyes should have fully adjusted to having the contacts in, so we made it a point to mention all of this at my follow up a week or so ago. Scheduling didn’t allow me to see Doc Oc, but I did see the other specialist in the office (“Doc Two”) and he did another corneal reading, measurements and such with the lenses in and out. One more set with minor adjustments to the shape and refraction.

Fourth time’s a charm, right? Let’s hope so!

Aside from all of that, one thing that bothers me is that with the lenses in and my near-as-can-be to perfect vision, I couldn’t read small print on things like my phone and even computer screen without doing some annoying hand-eye distance and angle juggling before finally admitting defeat and asking The Better Half for help or just saying “fuck it” and moving on to something in Reader’s Digest Large Print Edition. When I mentioned this to Doc Two, he proposed a simple solution: go out and buy a pair of “cheater glasses” for computer work and said fine print reading.

Cheater glasses”? Yeah, you know, those magnifier eye glasses you find at craft stores and the pharmacy section at Walgreen’s.

Courtney happens to do cross-stitch and has several pair of different strengths so she let me try them out. Sunnuvagun, 1.5x works damn near PERFECTLY. We went out and got me my own, not so girlishly framed pair (they actually look just like my old prescription frames!) in 1.25x which is perfect. Now I can work at the computer without straining and making my eyes more tired than they already get with the current fit lenses and troubles with tiny print. The newest pair of lenses are still on order, so I wait patiently, bordering on not-so-patiently.

This is one of a series of blog posts about my ongoing Keratoconus treatments. You can find all the posts at The Keratoconus Chronicles page

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